Message of The Month

EPS is embarking on a much needed phone system upgrade. As of 3/1/2020, we will no longer be using our 800 phone number. Please use our local phone number of 802-660-2800 in place of the 800 number.

****With the holiday season fast approaching, we need your help. Please send your information to EPS as early as you can, preferably, so you have your paper HAP and TRACS files in to EPS by the first of the month. In order for us to process your voucher, it is essential that you respond to all requests for information within a 24-36 hour time period, or it is likely that we will revise your voucher. Thank you so much for your cooperation.****

Attention all properties!

EPS, Inc. is making updates to their system that may require you to change the iMAX ID that you are sending to. Please make sure you are sending TRACS files for your property to the correct iMAX ID. If you have any questions, please contact your software provider for assistance:

Kansas - TRACM27174 (two-seven-one-seven-four)

Michigan PBCA - TRACM08941 (zero-eight-nine-four-one)

Michigan Traditional - TRACM06143 (zero-six-one-four-three)

North Carolina PBCA - TRACM23471 (two-three-four-seven-one)

North Carolina Traditional - TRACM29887 (two-nine-eight-eight-seven)