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The FY 2019 Income limits have been posted and are effective 4/24/19. Please make sure to update your income limits. You can find the new limits on the following website:

Please note that any Move In or Initial Certifications submitted, with an effective date of 4/24/19 or later, that has an incorrect income limit, will generate an Action 1 error that needs to be rectified with a correction within 45 days!


To: Owners who use any HUD funds to support a Service Coordinator or similar role

Subject: Please Register for HUD’s Standards for Success If You Employ or Contract a Service Coordinator in a Multifamily Insured or Assisted Property

Did you know that if you use HUD funds to hire or contract a social service staff person, you are required to submit a performance report to HUD?

Yes, it’s true! If your property employs or contracts a social service staff person to support the needs of elderly or disabled residents, you MUST report. Whether you refer to the position as a Service Coordinator, a Case Manager, a Social Worker, or by any other similar title, the use of HUD funds to employ that staff member requires you to comply with the program requirements for the Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing Program.

To comply with the Service Coordinator Performance Reporting requirement, you will first need to register for Standards for Success by accessing and following the instructions tied to “Budget-based”.

HUD’s Standards for Success is the new performance reporting framework for ALL properties that receive funding for either grant funded or budget-based Service Coordinators. Noncompliance may jeopardize your funding.

Please be certain to read the information before registering. All grant sites are already registered and can contact Grant Solution for additional login information. Do not register if you have a grant.

Already registered? If you have already registered your budget-based site, please do not register again. Contact GrantSolutions for login information, if necessary. For a list of registered sites, access

Direct any questions to the identified contact.

Thank you.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Posted March 11, 2019

TRACS Users All TRACS/iMAX user issues should be reported to the email box until further notice. Each email should include only the following information:

  • A brief description of the issue
  • Contract or Project #
  • Contract Unit # (tenant) and/or Voucher ID
  • Contact information of the user (email & telephone #)

NOTE: Do NOT include any personal identifiable information (e.g., SSNs, birthdates, etc.) in emails – this includes on the Move-out Request form. Leave the SSN portion blank.

Additionally, to request a new TRACM/iMAX ID – please follow the instructions posted on

NOTE: Do NOT fax the request. Submit the request to the email.