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Changes to voucher review processes because of COVID-19

Because of schedule disruptions caused by preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic, we are changing our voucher review procedures. For the time being, we will perform an initial review and finalize your monthly voucher based on the results of that review, rather than notifying you of discrepancies we notice and working with you to resolve those discrepancies prior to finalizing your voucher. We will continue to inform you of the discrepancies in the monthly memo we send.

This makes your review of that memo, correction of discrepancies and awareness and correction of TRACS errors, more important than ever. We are fortunate because on average, only 20% of the vouchers submitted each month have discrepancies.

We do regret the change in process because like you, we strongly prefer doing what we can to assist you in resolving those differences. We intend to resume that as soon as we can.

Finally, we hope all of you stay healthy throughout this difficult time.

Fred Hutchins, President, EPS, Inc.


TRACS Updates under What’s New:

RHIIP Listserv Posting #443
July 23, 2020

NEW NOTICE: Funds for COVID-19 Supplemental Payments

Today the Office of Housing published a Housing Notice, H-2020-08 “Availability of Funds for COVID-19 Supplemental Payments (CSPs) for Properties Receiving Project-Based Rental Assistance under the Section 8, Section 202, or Section 811 Programs.”

HUD is making available CARES Act funds to offset property expenditures to combat the effects of COVID-19. This notice provides a method for owners to receive payments beyond the amounts available under the terms of their current rental assistance contracts.

The supplemental payments may cover additional cleaning and disinfecting, additional staff, face coverings, and other expenses to help keep properties safe for residents. The Housing Notice allows owners to submit payment requests for expenses incurred between March 27, 2020 and July 31, 2020. Requests are due to HUD or the Contract Administrator by August 5, 2020. A draft of the CSP Request Form (HUD 52671-E) is available for owner use, with final approval by OMB pending.

Property owners and management agents should contact their assigned HUD Account Executive or Contract Administrator with any questions about property eligibility for a CSP. Please visit the Multifamily home page for the most recent Q&A and other guidance about the COVID-19 pandemic.