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    • EPS traveled this summer to do trainings on 203A and some of the HOTMA changes, as well. We let everyone know that once the final specifications were out from HUD, we would update the Power Point presentation that was delivered on our website, as things kept changing. During the sessions, we were literally changing slides the day of the presentations as more updates were coming. EPS has been part of the working group and has assisted in editing the MAT guide and writing changes to TRACS errors and the 50059 and 50059a Instructionals with these changes. Unfortunately, we still do not have a final specification document for 203A and HOTMA. Recently, HUD indicated that the TRACS work group has been disbanded, and asked for all information that has been worked on up through October be turned back over to HUD for them to finalize. The only thing we know with certainty at this point is that all certs that are effective 1/1/25 or later must be in 203A format or will fatal. We will let you know as soon as we find out any new information.
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