Message of The Month

HUD OVERDOSE AWARENESS GUIDE PUBLISHED: HUD recognizes the importance of national and local efforts to prevent overdose tragedies that impact too many of us, our loved ones, and our communities. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to beating the opioid and overdose epidemic – in memory of all those we have lost and to protect all the lives we can still save. HUD is proud to share the following FAQ to guide owners and operators who seek to make Naloxone (Narcan) available in their communities.

HOTMA: On 1/31/23, HUD released the HUD final Rule Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016: Implementation of Section 102, 103, and 104 ((6057-F-03 HOTMA Income Final Rule 1-23-23 (HEADER) ( This was signed into law back in July of 2016, but can only be implemented on January 1st of any given year. HUD is looking to implement these changes on 1/1/24. As HUD continues to work on this implementation with software vendors and industry stakeholders, we encourage you to familiarize with these new changes, as it will impact many facets of Multifamily including eligibility, income inclusions/exclusions, annual income, IRs, EIV and MORs. Update: HUD put out the highly anticipated Joint Supplemental Notice for HOTMA on 9/29/23: